ASTi's audio and communication simulation systems are proven capable of generating all the environmental sound and providing the highly-complex comms environment of any training or simulation application.

ASTi systems are fielded and operate on full motion platform aircraft simulators around the world, from wide-body airline jets to business and commuter airframes, and include certifications to Level D for all leading aviation authorities.

Unlike many commercial simulators, ASTi implements a full radio simulation within the software model between the own-ship crew and instructor, allowing accurate ranging and noise effects, in addition to realistic voice modeling. Hearing a radio behave like a real radio, complete with noise and bandwidth limitations can provide a surprising boost to the perception of realism. ASTi does not stop there, providing training specific facilities such as private intercom links to each crewmember for direct contact, and the ability to monitor the audio heard by any or all crewmembers. Optionally, all crew audio may be recorded for record-replay after-action review.

Example Applications